Biomagnetic Therapy

Biomagnetic Therapy

Cancer is undoubtedly becoming a threat to human survival. However, scientists are working around the corner to find possible treatments. One of the highest viable treatment options is the use of magnets. Powerful magnets can trigger cancer cells to kill themselves effectively.

The biomagnetic therapy entails creating tiny iron nano-particles attached to antibodies. Once produced, the nano-particles then attach themselves to the molecules on the cancer cells.

When the magnetic fields are applied, the molecules are forced to clump together. This leads to increased back and forth motion, hence generating significant heat. It is this heat that triggers the death of the cancer cells.

However, scientists are still experiencing some few challenges. For instance, the therapy requires a high amount of iron in the body, and this could be toxic. However, if the iron is injected directly to the tumor, other areas missed may inevitably grow back.

Lastly, there is still ongoing research to help minimize risks associated with iron to maximize the efficiency of the therapy.

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